OÜ Inju Graanul is family company founded on 2014 using only funds from Estonia. Companies main business area is packing service for bulk materials. We pack materials into different sized bags. Which material bags are made off depends on customers choice. We pack mostly different type of bio-mass materials, for example wood- and strawpellets, chipped wood and bark etc. We will pack any other material that is possible with our equipment as well.

As a second actuvity we are also marketing granular bio-mass products. Our main product is strawpellets for animal bedding and soft wood heating pellets. Therefore our comapany is specialised on companies of animal husbandry, pet keepers also private households and apartment houses that use pellets for heating.

Besides that we have taken aim to offer different solutions for transporting and storing bulk materials. That’s why we now offer flexible auger conveyor systems as official distributor.